Park Introduction
  • China Nuclear Power City
  • To speed up nuclear power growth is of great significance to safeguard state energy safety, optimize the energy source structure, protect the eco-environment and reduce the ...……
  • May,31,2013
  • Qinshan Industrial Zone
  • Currently, Qinshan Industrial Zone has a planned area of 601.4 hectares, of which 155.4 hectares are planned for manufacture an production base, 120 hectares are planned for ...……
  • Apr,25,2013
  • Yucheng Industrial Park
  • Yucheng is located in the Yangtze River Delta which is the most dynamic economically region and the center of China’s coastal opening economic zone. Meanwhile, it is located in...……
  • Apr,02,2013
  • Yuantong Town Industrial Function Area
  • Yuantong Town Industrial Function Area centers on Yuantong market town and cover the three communities of Phoenix, Xinxing and Dinazhuang. With a planned area ...……
  • Mar,14,2013
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