Industrial Park
Wuyuan New District of Haiyan Economic Development Zone
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The industrial park in Wuyuan Residential District is 80 km from Hangzhou on the west, 90 km from Shanghai on the east. It is separated from Ningbo by Hangzhou Bay on the south. The residential area is the political, economic and cultural center of Haiyan county.inside the part there’re three main roads of Haiyan towards outside(01 provincial raod, Yanjia Highway and Yanqi Highway)and a main waterway(Hangpingshen Line). It is only 1.5 km from the Haiyan access of Hangpu Expressway, lying closely beside Huhang green channel It is 13 km from Zhajiasu Expressway and Hangzhou Bay Bridge. It is convenient in land traffic and excellent in water transportation. It is the most advantageous area in traffic of Haiyan with obvious location superiority. At present, the total planned area of the park is 12 square kilometers, divided into Yixing industrial area, Junyuan industrial area, and Yandong industrial area. In 2012 there’re totally 77 large scale companies that realized an industrial output of 5,185,000,000 yuan and a total benefit tax value of 223,000,000 yuan. There has formed a gathered development pattern with fastener manufacture, electronic and electric equipment, textile and clothing, nuclear power and so on as the characteristic industries. The group of important key companies includes Zhejiang Holip Electric Science and Technology Co., Ltd, Jiaxing Brothers Standard Co., Ltd, Jiaxing Hengfeng Instrument Co., Ltd, Zhejiang Yixing Feed Group Co., Ltd and so on. In September 2012, the park was appraised as the second class transformed and promoted industrial park by people’s government of Jiaxing.

1The continuous Improvement of Infrastructure. The drain-pipe net there is perfect. The electric system is abundant. The communication facilities are complete. The drain of water realizes the dividence of rain water and waste water. The industrial waste water is collected by the pipe net and disposed collectively. The garbage in the park are collected together. The road lighting project and footway transformation project have been finished. The ecologic environment is further improved. The hardware environment in the park is continuously improved. The comprehensive service function of the park is promoted. It attracted the gathering of investing companies both in and out of the area as well as the newly built projects, becoming the important carrier of the park’s promoting investment, dilatation and improving qualities.

2The characteristics of the pillar industries are obvious.  In 2011, the total output value of the large companies in the park reaches 5.185 billion yuan. There’re fastener manufacture, electronic and electric equipment, textile and clothing, nuclear power industries an so on in the park. The agglomeration degree of the four pillar industries reaches 79.4%, among which The fastener manufacture industry led by Jiaxing Xingxin Standard Heat Treatment Co., Ltd, Jiaxing Brother Standard Co., Ltd and Jiaxing Xinyue Standard Co., Ltd has formed an agglomerated development pattern of material supply, professional production and market as package service. It focuses on the high end products of railway, wind power, nuclear power, petrochemical industry, car parts, aviation and so on. The electronic and electric equipment industries , with Holip as the leading, breaks through an output value of 1.5 billion yuan. Nuclear power industries develops fast. In 2011, it realizes an industrial output of over 1 billion. Yixing Feed, the leading company in feed processing industry, realizes an industrial output of 524 million yuan in 2011. There’re 16 companies in the park whose industrial output value are over 100 million yuan, and 10 companies with an annual total benefit tax value of over 10 million yuan.

3The Continuous Enhancing Innovation Ability. To the end of 2011, there have been 5 companies in the park of the provincial high new technology. In 2011, technological development expense for large scale industrial companies is 150,000,000 yuan, increased by 20% and scientific research and development input takes 1.8% of industrial sales income. There’re 10 city level research and development center. The number of technicians reaches 945. Accumulative R&D input reaches 80,000,000 yuan, with 67 patents, 60 more application for patent.



Technological progress has become the main urge of the transformation and upgrading of the companies inside the park. For example, Holip, as a national high new technology company and meanwhile the only company in the county owning provincial frenquency conversion research center, is listed into “national major new products” and “national torch plan projects”.

4The first effect of brand construction. To the end of 2011, there’re four provincial famous brands (“Huiyou” of Jiaxing Brothers Standard Co., Ltd., “Holip” of Zhejiang Holip Electronic and Science Technology Co., Ltd, “EST” of Jiaxing Hengfeng Tool Co., Ltd. and “Yixing” of Zhejiang Yixing Feed Group Co., Ltd.) eight city level famous brands and one national exemption company( Jiaxing Brothers Standard Co., Ltd.). 


5Steady advancing of energy saving and emission reduction. The energy saving and emission reduction work first takes effect. The energy utilization efficiency keeps growing. To the end of 2011, there have been totally 6 companies accomplishing clean production examination, and 2 companies pass the IS014000 authentication.


Layout of Wuyuan Residential Area

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