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The Three-side Meeting Advances Construction of Shanshui Liuqi International Resort
Date:Nov,16,2015     Views:2079

 Recently, Zhang Rengui the vice mayor of Jiaxing, Shen Xiaohong the secretary of Haiyan county, Lu Zhongxiang the vice mayor of Haiyan had a meeting with senior officers of Six Flags Group, achieving some consensus in the construction of the cooperative resort project.

In last July, Shanshui Wenyuan Invest Group began strategic cooperation with Six Flags Group of America, innovatively designed the development mode for Shangshui Liuqi International Resort to build an international integrating the development of various industries with Six Flags Theme Part as the core.

This is the American Groups first theme park in Asia after its dozens years development in North America. Meanwhile, the group will cooperate with Shanshui Wenyuan Investment Group to build a multi-functional resort integrating tourism, recreation, vacation, culture, healthy life, shoping, and education. the total investment will exceed 30 billion yuan, which, after its completion, will advance the social and economic development of Haiyan, as well as the upgrading and reform of culture and tourism industries. 

Currently, working teams has been formed to organize over 200 experts to participate in the design. Haiyan have organized special working teams to conduct overall contact and negotiation for the project. 

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