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Haiyan will vigorously promote 46 major big government-invested projects in 2017
Date:Mar,16,2017     Views:1239

  In the new year efforts should be made to make a difference. At the meeting, representatives from Wuyuan Sub-district, Haiyan Education Bureau etc. reported their achievements and highlights in promoting China-Europe urbanization partnership and discussed work targets and plans of the new year for the China-Europe urbanization partnership model area construction.

  In recent years, Haiyan has made firm progress in China-Europe urbanization cooperation. It has participated in the contract signature ceremonies on China-Europe urbanization partnership in the presence of premier Li Keqiang for three times, cooperated with Denmark and other European countries in urban construction, trade, science, education, culture etc., and constantly deepened and expanded the cooperation width and depth. Till now, “Zero-Carbon House” (energy school)-a “Haiyan-Sønderborg” urbanization cooperation achievement-has operated, and over 100 enterprises have been attracted to China-Denmark, China-Germany and China-France industrial parks, such as Danfoss Group, WüRTH Group etc.

  Last October, the experience exchange meeting on China-Europe urbanization partnership model area construction was held in Haiyan, and Haiyan with Shenzhen, Changzhou, and Luoyang was selected as the China-Europe urbanization partnership model area, winning a more extensive development space.

  Shen Xiaohong confirmed the work on propelling China-Europe urbanization partnership cooperation and stressed that the work should be further improved. Backed up by such a “gold brand”- China-Europe urbanization partnership model area, more efforts should be made to expand and deepen the cooperation between Haiyan and European countries.  

  According to Shen Xiaohong China-Europe urbanization partnership model area construction is an important road for Haiyan to step into the outside world. In the construction process, endeavors should be made to focus on industrial development, make overall cooperation with European countries, learn European urbanization development strategy, urbanization construction and management, industrial upgrade and development and ecological environment protection. All units should join hands with firm confidence to build Haiyan into a modern seaside city with quality industries, beautiful environment and elegant life.

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