1.Highway: There is an intertwined highway network within Haiyan's territory, with Shanghai-Hangzhou Expressway, Shanghai-JIaxing-Huzhou Expressway, Hangzhou-Pudong Expressway, Zhapu-JIaxing-Suzhou Expressway, Hangzhou Bay Bridge, and Shaoxing-Jiaxing Bridge passing through the county. There is only 15 minute drive to the entrance of expressways in every town in Haiyan.

        2.Railway: Haiyan is only 35 km away from Jiaxing Railway Station, Jiaxing Railway Cargo Terminal, and Jiaxing Rail-Inland Waterway Transport Station The county town of Haiyan is only 15 km or 20 minute-drive, away from Jiaxing (south) Station on the Shanghai-Hangzhou high-speed rail.

        3.Air traffic: Haiyan county is about 100 km away from Shanghai Hongqiao, Shanghai Pudong and Hangzhou Xiaoshan and Ningbo airport. So, air traffic is also very convenient here.

        4.Water transport: With only 133 nautical miles from Shanghai Port, 85 nautical miles from Ningbo Port, 80 nautical miles from Zhoushan Dinghai Port, Haiyan county has great advantages in undergoing transfer transport and is suitable for the development of regional cargo distribution center.The county has 136 kilometers of fifth or sixth-class water course, connecting the entire southern waterway network. So it has great advantages in sea-river transport and highway-water transport.The Liuli-Pinghu-Shanghai inland water course connects Huangpu River and the Beijing-Hangzhou Grand Canal.
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