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Yucheng Industrial Park
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Yucheng is located in the Yangtze River Delta which is the most dynamic economically region and the center of China’s coastal opening economic zone. Meanwhile, it is located in the middle of Haiyan, Jiaixng. The town covers an area of 42.91 km2. And the area includes eight administrative villages and a neighborhood committee. The population is about 23,000. Since ancient times, people here have been living healthily and having a rich life, which brings it the fame of the silk city and a land of milk and honey.
Yucheng has obvious location advantages. The town is 100 km on the north away from Shanghai, 80 km on the south away from Hangzhou, 100 km on the east away from Ningbo, and 110 km on the west away from Suzhou.
The town also has fascinating traffic advantages. Hangpu Highway passes through the town with an access. The newly constructed Hangzhou Bay Bridge is only 15 km away from the town. Moreover, it is close to Shanghai-Hangzhou-Ningbo Highway, Shaoxing-Jiaxing Highway and 01 Provincial Highway. And it is only 18 km from Zhapu external port and about 80 and 100 km from Hangzhou and Shanghai airports. Both land and water traffic are easy to access. There is a 300-ton inland waterway and a 500-ton waterway going through its area, widely connected with Jiangsu, Zhejiang and Shanghai.
The industrial economy is developing fast.

Layout of Yucheng Industrial Park

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