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Qinshan Industrial Zone
Date:Apr,25,2013     Views:7909

Currently, Qinshan Industrial Zone has a planned area of 601.4 hectares, of which 155.4 hectares are planned for manufacture an production base, 120 hectares are planned for storage and logistics area, and 326 hectares are planned for comprehensive supporting service area. By the end of 2012, there have been 69 companies of manufacture and production industry in the zone, and 65 are companies with productivity. In 2012, the companies in the zone realized an industrial output value of 2,000,000,000 yuan and a profit tax total value of 137,000,000 yuan. There have initially formed an industrial structure with the three major industries of universal equipment manufacture, nuclear power industry and car parts as the leading part and textile and clothing, electronic and package as the complement.

The Preliminary Scale of the Major Industries. In 2012, the added value of the four pillar industries which are the park’s universal equipment manufacture industry (fastener), nuclear power related industry, textile and clothing industry, and car part industry, is 255,000,000 yuan, taking a proportion of 68.9% of the zone’s total amount. The first major pillar industry of fastener industry has obvious advantages. With our county’s industrial promotion for fastener industry and the industry assembling in the industrial zone, by 2012, there have been 36 fastener companies in the zone whose output values exceeds 900,000,000 yuan, taking a proportion of over 20% in the output value of the whole county’s fastener industry companies and having become the main force of the whole county’s fastener industry. The nuclear power related industry is even promoting more promptly. Since 2007 when our county announced to build the first nuclear power related industrial zone in China, it has kept importing nuclear power technological service companies with national authority, such as the “three cores” project of China National Nuclear Corporation, Wuhan Nuclear Power Operation Technology Co., Ltd. of China National Nuclear Corporation, Qingyuan Environment Project Co., Ltd. of China National Nuclear Corporation and so on. Meanwhile, it brought along a large group of nuclear power related manufacture companies such as Bofan Dynamic Equipment, Lianxiang Five Metals, Hailian Saw Industry, Yize of China National Nuclear Power, Sanle Industry and so on. In 2012, the nuclear power related companies realized an output value of 200,000,000 yuan, which made their pillar status more obvious. The two traditional pillar industries of Qinshan: textile and cloting, and car parts, separately realized an output value of 260,000,000 yuan and 250,000,000 yuan in 2012. The traditional industries, sustained by Master Pipe, Ouyate Car Parts and others, are now developing towards the direction of new material and high end equipment manufacture.

The Innovation Capability Keeps Enhancing. Nuclear power related industry is a high technology industry with much technology content and a wide relevant area. In 2012, with the two projects of China Atomic Power Institution and China Crane Machinery Academy who settled down, Qinshan Nuclear Power Related Industrial Zone will build a technology innovation chain of research and development, achievement incubation, and industrialization, which will thereby advance the construction of the whole Qinshan nuclear power industry’s innovation system. The nuclear power related company: Zhejiang Bofan Dynamic Equipment Co., Ltd. has passed the identification of ASME combined examination of USA and got the “U” certificates, which indicates that the company has met the standard and requirement of ASME of America in the steps of pressure container’s design, manufacture, testing and so on. Its quality guarantee system has been approved by national authorized organization. Meanwhile, it marks a new stage in technology of our county’s nuclear power related companies and promotes its competitiveness in nuclear power domain. In 2012, the industrial technological transformation of the companies in the zone was input 224,000,000 yuan. Especially that the investment in fastener manufacture companies was enhanced. It importing various advanced multi-position equipment and realized the industrialization promotion of high output and low consumption. By the end of 2012, there had been 3 companies with high new technology, 1 provincial middle and small company technology center(Zhejiang Bofan Dynamic Equipment Co., Ltd), 3 city-level company research and development center, 5 county-level research and development center, 2 production, study and research projects, and 2 technological cooperation projects. The number of technitians reached 50, and R&D input value reached 30,000,000 yuan. It owns 13 patents. In 2012, 85 patents were applied, including 10 invention patents, 49 practical patents and 26 appearance patents. The zones owns 2 city-level famous brand products, 2 national exemption products, and 1 city-level famous brand.

The Construction of the Zone was Enhanced. The zone made detailed plans for manufacture and production base, industrial zone supporting service zone, and storage and logistics area of  Qinshan Nuclear Power Related Industrial Zone. By the end of 2012, the accumulated developed area of the zone have reached 1519 mu. The industrial zone has accumulatively invested 250,000,000 yuan in the infrastructures like land commandeer and relocation, renovation of main roads, drain pipe net of rain and waste water, electricity power, greening and so on, realizing the hardening of roads in the zone, the greening of road side, and the lightening in the night. Since the establishment of the nuclear power related industrial zone, with the coordination of governments of all levels, the construction of the nuclear power related projects in the zone is proceeding vigorously. At present, there have been 1 nuclear power related famous institution and 9 nuclear power related companies settled in the zone. A group of important projects like nuclear power propagation and education center, China atomic energy institution, China crane machinery research institution have signed intention contact and carried out the selection of address.


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