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Ganpu town is located in the south of Haiyan county, beside Haining on the west and Hangzhou Bay on the south. The provincial famous scenic spot Nanbei Lake is located in the town. According to the recorded history, Ganpu was built as a town in Tang Dynasty, began its business in Song Dynasty, raised songs in Yuan Dynasty and built a city in Ming Dynasty. It is a historical ancient town with a thousand year’s culture. The whole town’s area is 77.6 square kilometers, with 31356 resident population and 8262 migrated population. It includes 13 administrative villages and two residents committees. In recent years, with the leadership of Haiyan government, Ganpu town accelerates the transformation and promotion of economy, advances the construction of city and town, sustains the harmony and stabilization of the society, and keeps the economy and society in good developing tendency. In 2012, the whole town realized a total area output value of 1,398,000,000 yuan, a per capita GDP of 44,600 yuan, a total industrial output value of 3,802,000,000 yuan, and a total agricultural output value of 407,000,000 yuan.

In recent years, Ganpu town vigorously conduct the strategy of “industry cultivates the town”, and forms five main industries of new energy( solar energy), textile, clothing, metal products and chemical industry. At the same time, it makes full use of the wide enclosed area resource to develop and construct more of the area. Changqiangshan Industrial Park formally began its investment promotion in 2012, and there have been many companies settled in the park. Meanwhile, the town continuously enhance the agricultural basis, and progressively forms the four main productive bases of fruits, tea, vegetables and grains. In recent years, it also imports blueberry, dendrobium candidum,crocus and other characteristic agricultural products to plant. The number of agricultural brands keeps growing. “Huangshawu orange” is appraised as a national green food. “Lvlixiang” tee is appraised as the first class famous tea. In 2012,Huangshawu orange selection park was nominated as the “modern agricultural park of selection of Zhejiang province”. The 1781 mu food production functional area of Yongxin village was identified by the province. Modern agriculture here has made large progress. As for tourism and third industry, Ganpu town makes full use of the touristic resource in Nanbei Lake scenic area, largely developing ecological tourism and recreational tourism. Nanbei Lake scenic area  has been appraised as civilized scenic area of Zhejiang province and provincial ecological scenic area of Zhejiang. It successfully builds a town strong in touristic economy. Meanwhile, Ganpu town pays much attention to the living of people as well as social security. It has gained honorary titles of East Sea Culture Pearl Town of Zhejiang province, Education Town of Zhejiang province, physical culture town of Zhejiang province, hygiene town of Zhejiang province and so on. In 2012, it also gained 11 provincial or city-level honorary titles such as standard town of meteorology and prevention and reduction of disasters and so on.

The most important is, in the 1980s, Ganpu has realized the importance of “green” and “ecology” to the development of society and economy. Nanbei Lake became one of the scenic areas that were first strictly protected by Zhejiang province. In 2010, it clearly presented the strategy of “ecological town”, putting the protection of ecological environment in a more important position. In recent years, Ganpu has largely enhanced the ecological protection, preserving mountains and forests more than 8000 mu, greening and making forest 1848 mu. volunteer tree planting of the citizens of the right age reaches a ratio of 92%, with 3.26 trees planted per person annually. The whole town’s forest coverage ratio reaches 30.17%. The old trees and famous trees, as well as the wild animals are well protected. It has successfully build a national ecological town and a provincial forest city town. In 2012, Ganpu town responded to the call of higher authorities and actively conducted the construction of beautiful countryside. Connecting with the reality of the town area, it presented the aim of building a town suitable for residence, business and tourism. Meanwhile, it ascertains Zijinshan village, Nanbei Lake village, Gandong village and Yongxin village as a demonstrational and important village of making beautiful village, declaring the task of building beautiful village with an overall of 22,000,000 yuan. In 2012, Ganpu town is appraised as the city-level beautiful countryside advanced town.


Layout of Ganpu Industrial Function Park


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