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Yuantong Residential Area
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Yuantong residential area locates in the northeastern area of Haiyan county, beside Xitangqiao residential area and Caoqiao town of Pinghu on the east, Fengqiao town of Nanhu area, jiaxing on the north, Shendang town of Haiyan county on the east, and the city area of Haiyan county on the south.

In November 2011, according to the decision of county Party committee and county government, Yuantong residential area and Xitangqiao residential area was established, which was the fourth renovation of administrative area for our area.

Currently, the area of Yuantong residential area covers 34.42 square kilometers, including the four committees of Xinxing, Fenghuang, Dianzhuang and Yongfu, and he two administrative villages of Qingliansi and Xinglong. Its population is 20,500, including migrated people, among which 17,000 are registered. It is at present the smallest among the towns and areas of Haiyan with least population.

Yuantong residential area belongs to the plain water net area. Haiyan-Jiaxing Highway, Hangzhou-Pudong Expressway and Liu Pingshen line water way crossthe area. It takes less than one hour to go to the three main core cities of Yangtz River Delta area: Shanghai, Hangzhou and Suzhou. Both the water and land traffic are very convenient. The location condition is unique. In recent years, with the continuous development of regional traffic road net and with the advancement of the county’s eastern and northern strategy, the developing advantages of Yuantong residential area appear day by day.

In 2012, Yuantong Street realized a GDP of 1,236,000,000 yuan, increased by 9%; the total output value of industry and agriculture realized 5,180,000,000 yuan, increased by 4.4%, among which 4,820,000,000 yuan are industrial output, increased by 10.5%; local financial total income reaches 46,050,000 yuan, reduced by 4.2%. The average income of the peasants is 19419 yuan, increased by 11.6%.

The agricultural production of Yuantong residential area are mainly food, oil, cotton, graziery and other traditional industries. In 2012, there are 46275 mu planting area of food plants, 102,000 hogs bred in the hog lot and 189,000 exported, 157,000 fowls bred, and 42,000 rabbits bred. Yuantong rabbit industry professional cooperation won the title of first group of national demonstrational cooperation. Zhejiang Qinglian Food Incorporated Company won the title of national major agricultural leading company.

As for industry, there’re now 369 industrial companies of various kinds, among which 25 are large scale company with annual output over 20,000,000 yuan, who mainly belong to food, medicine, electronic, electrical equipment, five medal machinery, and textile and clothing. In 2012, it input 530,000,000 yuan in industrial production, imported 176,000,000 yuan domestic investment from outside the county, contracted 7,700,000 dollars foreign investment with 8,630,000 dollars actually arrived foreign investment.  

Yuantong residential area industrial zone takes Yuantong market town as the core, covering the three committees of Fenghuang, Xinxing and Dianzhuang with a total planned area of 2.42 square meters. The industrial zone emphasized the two core tasks of relocation and infrastructure construction. By the end of 2012, there have been accumulatively 2642 mu commandeered land in advance in the industrial zone. 529 famer families were relocated. The accumulative infrastructure input was 202,000,000 yuan. The basic supporting facilities in the area including electricity, water, heat, telecommunication, roads, bridges, waste drain and so on were progressively perfected. A group of famous companies have been imported, including Zhejiang Rongyi Precise Machinery Co., Ltd., Huarun Xuehua Beer(Jiaxing) Co., Ltd, Zhejiang Huajin Solar Energy Science and Technology Co., Ltd., Jiaxing Meiketai Science and Technology Co., Ltd and so on. Currently there are 22 large companies in the area, among which six companies are over one hundred million, and one is over one billion.

Since the new round of renovation of administrative areas in November 2010, Yuantong residential area have started from the new beginning, to build a beautiful northern gate for Haiyan.


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