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Tongyuan Town
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Tongyuan town locates in the southwest of Haiyan county, 64 km from Hangzhou and about 90 km from Shanghai, Suzhou and Ningbo. Hangpu Expressway and Shanghai-Hangzhou line of S101 provincial road crosses the area. X119 Jiaxing-Nanbei Lake line and the 300 tons level Liupingshen waterway connects the southern end and northern end of the town. Both the water and land traffic are convenient and the location advantage is obvious. The area of the whole town is 68.3 square kilometers, including fourteen administrative villages and two committees. Residential population here is 460,000, with almost a million new citizens.

Tongyuan town, with a long history and rich cultures, has always been called a land of milk and honey. It is one of the fifteen city-level central towns of Jiaxing. In recent years, it has been successfully built into national ecological town, provincial new village electrified town, city-level hygiene town, food safety demonstration town and science education town. In 2012, the town realized a total industrial output value of 4,428,000,000 yuan, and a total agricultural output value of 316,000,000 yuan. The average income of peasants reaches 18520 yuan.

Tongyuan town owns 875 industrial companies, among which 41 are with annual output of over 20,000,000, and 11 are with annual output of over 100,000,000, forming an industrial characteristics with textile and clothing, lamp bulb, wire and cable as the leading industries.

In recent years, as the quick development of the economy and society of Tongyuan town, the developing space for service industry has been effectively expanded. The town totally plans 350 mu land for service industry. At present, 167 mu have been sold. “Helen Flower City”, with a planned area of 119 mu, is a business and residential development project that adds the glamour of living in Yuantong. The vigor of the town’s service industry keeps increasing. In 2011, the town realized an added value in service industry of 458,000,000 yuan. The service industry contains 1681 subjects.



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