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To speed up nuclear power growth is of great significance to safeguard state energy safety, optimize the energy source structure, protect the eco-environment and reduce the greenhouse emission. In September, 2009, president Hu Jintao pointed out that China will accelerate the development of renewable energy and nuclear power as well in the UN Climate Change Summit.  Also, on 25 November, 2009, on State Council Standing Committee conference premier Wen Jiabao declared that China will have achieved the strategic objective that the emission of Co2 will decline 40% to 50% by 2020 than 2005. Currently, to develop nuclear power is one of the realistic and effective approaches to replace fossil-centered power generation in large scale and to gradually achieve the objective of greenhouse gas emission. Above all, nuclear power development in  China is provider with the unprecedented opportunity.

Nuclear power development in China has staged a new and fast growth phase. The nuclear power capacity that is under operation and approved to construct and early preparation is beyond 60 million KW. The power capacity can have reached 70 to 90 million KW by 2020. Ten or more nuclear power plants will also be constructed from coastal area to inner area according to China state mid-long term development plan.

Burgundy, as a world famous French nuclear power city, which engages in the nuclear power growth of France, constructing the industrial base through reliance on NPP in inner drainage area. Guiding scores of small and medium sized nuclear-related domestic companies to actively participate in the global market, has achieved fruitful successes.

Haiyan County is located in the center of north and south axis of eastern coastline of China, right in the junction between the T-shape development zone and the main coastline. According to China National Nuclear Power Construction Plan, nuclear power plants should be distributed along coastline; consequently, Haiyan will surely be the hub of multi-reactors of China. the hub has three advantages as follows; firstly, it will meet the marine transportation needs of manufactures and technical service providers to satisfy the quick response requirement for materials and staff during the construction and transportation; third, as the center of Shanghai, Hangzhou, Suzhou, and Ningbo, the favorable geographical location offers.

Haiyan the advantage to tackle the human resources demand and keep the stability employees.

Transportation in Haiyan is convenient enough, Shanghai is 118Km from the east, Hangzhou 98Km to the south, Suzhou 128Km to the north. It not only connects the expressway to Shanghai Pudong airport, Hongqiao airport and Xiaoshan airport but also to Hangpu, Zhajiasu and Huhang highway.

Haiyan has a well developed and advantageous water transporting system, which offers a better precondition for the transportation of raw material and goods.  

Haiyan boasts the multi-reactor advantages to construct China nuclear industry base. As is known that Qinshan NPP is the first self-design, self-constructed NPP, at present, Qinshan Nuclear Base has Qinshan Phase , Phase , Phase , with a total capacity of 3.1million kw. The Extension Project of Qinshan Phase and Qinshan Phase will be completed and nine units will finished by 2014 with the capacity6.3 million kw.

Besides the above mentioned QNPP, NPQJVC, QSNPP which are the subsidiary companies of China National Nuclear Corporation, Haiyan also have many subsidiary companies of CNNC Construction Group, such as Zhongyuan Construction Company, No. 2&No. 3  Construction Company, CNNC 105 Design Institute, China Nuclear Power Research & Design Institute, China Nuclear Power Engineering Company, Shanghai Nuclear Engineering Research &Design Institute etc.

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