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Economy of Haiyan
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Economy keeps increasing steadily and fast. The gross product of the whole county is up to 27,240,000,000RMB, increasing by 9.5% than last year. The first domain increased by 5.1%, up to 2,063,000,000RMB.the second domain increased by 9.3%, up to 17,102,000,000RMB, among which industry increased 9.9%,up to 15,982,000,000RMB. The third domain increased 11.7%, up to 8,075,000,000RMB. Deducting the nuclear power industry and the nuclear construction industry, the gross product is up to 20,333,000,000RMB, increasing by 11.3%)
And the first, second and third proportion in the gross product value regulated from 7.5: 63.6:28.9 last year to 7.6: 62.8: 29.6 this year. The gross product per person is 72854RMB (11280 US dollars).


The agricultural product is up to 2,988,000,000RMB, 15.5% more than last year deducting the price element.
Structure of planting industry keeps regulating. The total planting acre is about 44,848 units of area, 713 hectares less than last year. Crop planting acre is up to 31,347units of area 2.3% more than last year. Cole planting area rebounds up to 3,859 units of area, 22.6% less than last year. Cotton planting acre is up to 796 units of area, 1.5% less than last year. Vegetables planting area is 7,552 units of area, 2.9% less than last year.
Forest industry develops steadily. 435 hectares of planting area are added this year, making the county's total forest area up to 6849 hectares, 130.2% and 6.8% more than last year.
Stockbreeding industry develops in good condition as well. The hog production reaches 674,200, 2.9% more than last year, while pork pigs on hand is about 541,200, 2.3% more than last year; muttons slaughtered reaches 79,900, 8.5% less than last year, while 75,900 are on hand, 0.1% more than last year; fowl cultivation increased faster, with 5,034,300 feather, 29.7% more than last year.
Aquiculture increased a bit. The total aquatic product is 13,357 tons, 3.5% more than last year, among which seawater product is 1,244 tons while fresh water product is 12,133 tons.
Agricultural industrialization progresses in a steady step. By the end of the year, there are all together 49 agricultural leading companies, 76 agro-specialty associations and special cooperation. There are 115 registered agro-brands, 23 more than last year; 35 provincial no-pollution bases, 4 more than last year.


Industry and construction industry

Industry product grows steadily. Industry product increment is up to 61,921,000,000RMB, 21.3% more than last year, among which product value of nuclear power industry increases by 12.4%, up to 9,780,000,000RMB.348 large-size industry companies’ product increment is 49,355,000,000RMB, and 22.1% more than last year. County-level large-size industry product reaches 39,575,000,000RMB, 24.8% more than last year. Among the large-size industry, heavy industry accounts for 61.8% with 30,498,000,000RMB while light industry accounts for 38.2% with 18,858,000,000RMB.
The developing capability keeps enhancing. The innovativeness of the large-size industry companies keeps enhancing. New product value is up to 11,356,000,000RMB, increasing by 31.3% with product value rate 23.01%.
Economic benefit increases fast. Large-size industry companies’ main business income is 48,816,000,000, 21.2% more than last year, total profit is 4,584,000,000 RMB, 31.5% more than last year. Deducting the three nuclear power company, the total profit is 1,571,000,000 RMB, 31.3% more than last year. Unprofitable firm decreases the loss by 11.2%.
The number of new industry enterprises reduces. Among the 799 newly-setup enterprises, industry enterprises account for 360 ones, increasing by 10.4%. Registered capital is 1,471,000,000 RMB, 11.2% more than last year.
Construction industry develops steadily. Construction industry increment is 1,120,000,000 RMB, 1.7% more than last year. Total value of output of construction industry is 4,608,000,000, 34.4% more than last year, profit reaches 86,103,000 RMB, 12.7% less than last year.

Fixed assets investment and estate industry

Fixed assets investment increases fast. The total volume mounts to 19,810,000,000 RMB, 2.6% more than last year. Deducting nuclear industry, the county’s fixed assets investment amount is 13,590,000,000 RMB, increased by 17.3% than last year. The nuclear industry investment is 6,220,000,000 RMB, 19.4% less than last year.
The investment structure is keeping optimizing. In the investment inside the county, 35,000,000 RMB goes to first domain, 60.6% decreased, second domain 7,070,000,000 RMB, increased 17.5%, third domain 6,480,000,000 RMB, 18.3% increased. Among the second domain, industrial investment is 7,060,000,000 RMB, increased by 17.4%, among which manufacturing industry invests 6,310,000,000, 12.2% more than last year, and equipment and appliance invests 4,120,000,000 RMB, 17.3% more than last year.
Input in infrastructure deceases. Investment in infrastructure inside the county is 2,080,000,000 RMB, 6.5% less than last year, among which water environment and communal facilities management industry is 430,000,000 RMB, 62.3% less than  last year, traffic storage and post industry is 920,000,000, 143.7% more than last year, power, gas and water producing and supply is 320,000,000, 3.1% more than last year.The investment power of private sector grows steadily. Non-state investment of fixed assets is 9,660,000,000 RMB, 17.1%more than last year, accounting for 48.7% while private investment is 8,610,000,000 RMB, accounting for 43.5% of the total investment.
Estate investment is also quite stable. The total investment of estate investment is 3,520,000,000 RMB, 21.5% more than last year. The constructing area is about 3,424,000 RMB, 25.3% increased than last year. New-started area is about 13,860,000,000 square meters, 3.1% increased than last year. New-started residential area is 10,530,000,000 square meters, increased 4.2% than last year, and completed residential area 574,000 square meters, decreased by 30.6% than last year. The whole years’ sold area is 377,000 square meters, decreased by 2.3%, among which residential area sold is 294,000 square meters, increased by 6.1%. The real estate companies totally sold 2,192 commercial residential buildings, among which 73.9% are forward delivery housing. Annual commercial building sales amount is 2,090,000,000 RMB, decreased by 5.6% than last year.

Domestic trade

Consumption market expands fast. The total amount of retail consumption mounts to 7,153,000,000 RMB, 18.3% more than last year, among which whole sale business is 341,000,000 RMB, retail business is 5,358,000,000 RMB, accommodation business is 76,000,000 RMB, catering industry is 838,000,000 RMB, increased by 11.7%, 20.1%, 30.5% and 9.2% than last year. Retail consumption mounts urban and rural is increased by 18.1% and 18.8% than last year.
Commodity market is flourishing. There’re 29 commodity markets in the county, among which 2 are newly increased; annual closes 1,567,000,000, increased by 11.2%.

Export-oriented economy

Foreign trade develops fast. The total export-import value of the county is 1,910,120,000 dollars, increased by 24.1%, among which export value is 1,506,820,000 dollars, increased by 26.1% than last year; import value is 403,300,000 dollars, increased by 17.3% than last year.
The introduction of foreign investment increases steadily. There’re 21 new approved foreign-funded enterprises, 5 less than last year. Contractual foreign investment is 294,530,000 RMB and actually paid-in capital is 132,330,000 RMB, increased by 10.9% and 9.9% than last year.

Transport and post mail service and Tourism

Transport develops steadily. The addition quantum this year is about 868,000,000 RMB, 10.1% more than last year. The length of high- standard road in our county is 927.95 kilometers, increased by 2.1%, among which the road above one-class is 107.81kilometers, increased by 2.1% than last year. The road passenger volume is 7,579,000 persons, increased by 20.1% than last year; land and water quantity of shipments is 18,491,000 tons, increased by 4.0% than last year. and freight quantum is about 176,000tons, increased by 4.1% and 15.9% separately. The annual total quantum of passenger transport is 250,449,000 person kilometers, increased by 24.6% than last year; annual cargos volume of the circular flow is 4,578,750,000 ton kilometers, increased by 94.7% than last year. Inland river ports’ cargo throughput capacity is 15,943,000 tons, increased by 0.3% than last year. In the end of the year, there are 171 service buses, 51 new increased; total passenger volume of buses is 13,475,000, increased by 299.9%.
The communication network keeps expanding. Annual post service income is 613,550,000 RMB, increased by 17.3% than last year. In the end of the year, there’re 20 post offices; annual newspaper circulation is 9,122,800, increased by 14.7%. There’re 128,300 telephone users, decreased by 23.1% than last year, 425,800 mobile phone users, decreased by 0.2% than last year, and 86,600 internet users, increased by 17.0% than last year.
Tourism develops fast. Total number of tourists is 3308,600 persons, in which 3298,500 are domestic visitors, both 18.5% more than last year. People from oversea are 10145, 34.8% increased. And the total income is 2,794,000,000RMB, increased by 20.2, in which domestic tourism income is 2,690,000,000, 20.1% increased, and foreign exchange receipt of tourism is 16,490,000 dollars, increased by 32.9%.
Tourists abroad are 5,393, decreased by 22.9%. And foreign exchange income is about 6,940,000USD, increased by 19.8%.and the total income of tourism is about 1,045,170,000RMB, 20.5%more than last year.

Finance, tax, banking and insurance

The fiscal levy grows fast. The total annual financial general budget revenue is 3,205,000,000, the financial general budget revenue 1,718,000,000RMB, increased by 26.9% and 25.6%. Among the general budget revenue, tax receipts is 1,630,000,000 RMB, increased by 20.0%. The general budget expenditure IS 2,071,000,000 RMB, increased by 13.0%. National tax receipts is 3,668,000,000 RMB, increased by 19.1%, land tax receipts is 1,502,000,000 RMB, increased by 23.7%.     
The financial institution's loan keeps stable. The total deposit balance of RMB and other foreign exchanges is 33,886,000,000 RMB, 4,655,000,000 RMB more than the beginning of the year, 14.5% increased, among which savings deposit is 17,469,000,000 RMB, increased by 2,122,000,000 RMB than the beginning of the year, 13.7 increased; RMB saving is 33,437,000,000 RMB, increased by 4,576,000,000 RMB than the beginning of the year, 14.4% more than last year, among which savings deposit is 17,395,000,000 RMB, 2,129,000,000 RMB increased than the beginning of the year, 13.8% more than last year. The total deposit balance of RMB and other foreign exchanges is 34,723,000,000 RMB, 5,576,000,000 RMB increased than the beginning of the year, 19.1% increased than last year. RMB savings is 31,620,000,000, 5,409,000,000 more than the beginning of the year, 20.6% increased, among which medium and long term loans are 18,827,000,000 RMB, 2,645,000,000 RMB more than the beginning of the year, 16.3% increased than last year.
The scale of insurance keeps expanding. According to the incomplete statistics, property insurance companies and life insurance companies in the county’s premium income is 500,800,000 RMB, increased by 2.6%, among which property premium income is 218,580,000 RMB, 12.9% increased than last year; insurance proceeds paid is 115,670,000 RMB, increased by 33.9% than last year, among which property insurance proceeds paid are 102,670,000 RMB, increased by 43.6% than last year.

Science development speeds up. The county's budget for science is about 563,000,000 RMB, increased by 22.22%, 22.2% of GDP. The county’s genera financial budget expenditure is 103,100,000 RMB, increased by 25.4% than last year. There are 78 above-municipal hi-tech enterprises, 11 more than last year, among which there are 103 provincial-level, increased by 17 than last year. The county’s patent appliances are 1154, with 840 authorizations, increased by 24.0% and 1.0%. Among the authorizations, there are 52 invention patent, doubled than last year. 
Education develops harmoniously. There are 23 primary schools with 1,461 teachers and 23,238 pupils all together; 16 middle schools with 1,625 teachers and 21,603 students in total. 9-years compulsory education program has been implemented successfully for all youth can receive education. And the 98.49% of the middle school students can go to high school for further education and 97% of the high school students can enter college. Professional education, education for grown people go on well either. There are 3 professional mid-schools with 6,032 students and 321 teachers in total. There are 2,216 students in high school going to universities or colleges and 460 students going to professional training schools.
There are all together 11,640 people who have taken all kinds of different self-study exams for academic licenses and vocational certificates. 

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