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Zhejiang Huayue Silk Products Co., Ltd.
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Zhejiang Huayue Silk Products Co., Ltd., a branch of Zhejiang Huading Group, is located in Hangzhou Bay Bridge New District of Haiyan Economic Development Zone, Zhejiang Province, with a floor area of 50,000 m2, a construction area of 30,000-plus m2 and a registered capital of 2.5 million dollars. We have a silk weaving factory, a garment factory, over 500 employees, 200 Italy K88, Sulzer G100 and large jacquard looms, and more than 250 garment sewing facilities, capable of producing 2.5 million meters of fabrics and 600,000 pieces of clothes annually. We have our own R&D team and develop new products and new styles constantly to enlarge our market share.

Main Product Category:
一、Main Products of the Fabric Factory
1、 Spun silk spinning and spun silk spinning interweaving series: Spun silk/cotton, spun silk/linen, spun silk/wool, sticky spun silk, spun silk/bamboo, etc
2、 Filature silk series and filature silk interweaving series: Silk/cotton, silk/linen, silk/wool, sticky silk, silk/cotton, doupion, etc
3、 Filature interweaving series: Filature/cotton, filature/linen, filature/brocade, etc
4、 Linen and wool series: Pure linen, linen/cotton, sticky linen, brocade/linen, pure wool silk, wool blends, etc
5、 Woven garment series: Men’s/women’s cotton-padded clothes, down, washed PU jackets, functional garments

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