Investment Information
Pearl Village Mansion Project
Date:May,14,2013     Views:3982

Project Introduction

Pearl Village Mansion locates in Wuyuan residential area where Haixing East Road meets Chengdong Road, covering a building area of 16830 m2 and a land area of 9.79 mu. It contains 8 floors and an underground garage of over 2000 m2. It is in the central region of Haiyan Coastal New City and is very close to the newly built county administration center.

The first, second and third floors of Pearl Billage Mansion is an ideal big and middle market. The fourth to eighth floors of the southern part of the T-shape is a special structure set for office and business. The fourth to eighth floors of the western part of the T-shape is suitable for hotel, catering and others with multifunctions.

Pear Village Mansion, with characteristic style, elegant environment and ingenious design, is a best place for elites to do business and investment. The owner decides to conduct entirely rent for the mansion.


Liaison: Mr. Pang  13906839313  0573-86970878

             Mr. Zhu   13857349298


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