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Haiyan Economic Development Zone Hangzhou Bay Bridge new district central business area construction project
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Haiyan Economic Development Zone Hangzhou Bay Bridge new district central business area construction project


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Project background and construction conditions

Project Backgroundthe construction of HED conducts the linkage strategy. Currently, the port industrial area has begun to take shape. The central business area of city construction has started. The land of the project lies in the core of HED where the building of administration committee locates. The total area is about 218 mu. The area exposes all the residents of Hangzhou Bay bridge new district, realizing the core supporting function of Haiyans second city heart.  

Construction Conditions

This project land is with the main road Haigang road on the east on whose eastern side there is the Binhai Middle School, Yigou More Commercial Synthesis which are in operation, and Boguan Hotel whose construction is to be completed. It is with the planned Xichang Road Business Street on the west, and the completed Yaojia Road Business Street on the north, and the 01 provincial road that crosses the area on the south. The infrastructure is all in readiness. The land is to be for sale. The land locates on the central business area that radiates the bridge new district. As an important of the future commercial center, it can be sold for whole or partially.

Project Scale and Content

Construction Scale159 mu land are for sale, among which the citizen square takes about 1.8 hectare, the commercial core area on the east of the square takes about hectare. The plot ratio is about 2.5. the residential area on the north of the square takes bout 3.5-4 hectare, the plot ratio is bout 1.6-1.8.

Construction Contentthe land is around the sourhtern citizen square and forms three main clusters. The eastern side is the business core area. The western sie the the commercial core area. The northern side is the residential area. The business core area on the eastern sie is under construction, including the 11-floor management committee office building on the southern side(completed); the 16-floor Zhenxiang Totel (under construction) on the northern side; and the Jiaxing Electricity Burea Binhai Branch Gangcheng subsidy in the middle (to be constructed soon).

Project collaboration method

sole proprietorship or joint proprietorship

The investment promoter of the project

Haiyan Economic Development Zone was established in 1992, a provincial development zone and locating in the northern side of Hangzhou Bay Bridge. Its total planned area is 61.68 square kilometers among which 9 square kilometers are in Haiyan harbor area.

Conditions provided by the promoter

Supporting facilities outside redline of the land. And the liaison will provide one-stop service for companies.

Project Management

HED Management Committee of Haiyan, Zhejiang Province


Shen Mingwei






No. 1816 Haigang Road, Hangzhou Bay Bridge new District, HED, Haiyan, Zhejiang




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