Investment Information
Huangjiashan Recreation and Tourism Project
Date:Jun,03,2014     Views:3396

1. Basic information

 It locates in Qinshan Science and Technology Touristic Area. The environment is exquisite and ecology is fine. There’re enclosed sea lands which can be planned for agriculture, recreation, healthy life, conference or holiday projects.

 2. investment estimation

The total investment is about 200,000,000 yuan RMB.

 3. main content

Sight farmland, agricultural tourism, fruit and vegetable picking, theme park, recreation and fishing, exclusive recreation and holidy

4. requirements for companies

Effective companies both at home and abroad

5. beneficial policies

Projects can enjoy relative policies and regulations of Haiyan county government. And every project can be discussed separately for its preferential policies.

6. profit analysis

It’s on the recreational and touristic line of nuclear power. And because it’s very close to the national nuclear power research and living area, there’s good urban consumption dependence. The comprehensive serving ability of the project is strong. So there will be good profit.

7 contact

The total investment is about 200,000,000 yuan RMB.

                 Haiyan county Tourism Bureau              Qinshan Town Office

Liaison: Fu Shouzhong, Zhuang Zhiguang,         Wang Litao

Tel:          0573-86039931                              0573-86400716






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