Investment Guide
  • Enterprise All Kinds of Cost
  • ITEM CATEGORY PRICE water supply industry 4.4 RMB/tons (including waste emission fee) commerce 4.1 RMB/tons (including waste emission fee) living 2.7 RMB/tons (including waste emission fee)……
  • Mar,15,2013
  • Project Construction and Operation Cost
  • A、Cost of Buying the Land Use Right 1、land price: according to the auction result 2、land use fee: 2-6 RMB/m2/year B、Relevant Fee During the Land Purchase & Factory Construction ①Relevant fee during the construction process 1、Wall promotion fee……
  • Mar,14,2013
  • Investment Procedures
  • Approval procedures for setting up foreign-owned enterprises Working out a letter of intent Submitting the project proposal for approval Company name checking Submitting Feasibility study report Submitting contract and Articles of association of……
  • Mar,04,2013
  • Investment Policies
  • I.Encouraging great investment and fostering large-scale enterprises 1. Encouraging enterprises to invest. The following supporting policies may be available for those enterprises encouraged by the government which have over 10 years of operation……
  • Mar,04,2013
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